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For Something New "recovery system" to make a change.
The innovation way.

Common causes : Hair dye : Bleach : Heat tools : Missed haircut : Signs of damage : Tangled : Dull and dry : Fried and frizzy : Brittle and breaking


A person’s hairstyle is one of the most important factors to determine that person’s first impression. Unfortunately, our hair is often damaged by mismanagement or unreasonable hair treatments

Frequent hair colouring and perming, together with daily blow drying breaks the oil and moisture balance of the hair, unfortunately causing inevitable loss of protein. With this kind of damaged hair, it is almost impossible to get satisfactory results when styling your hair, not to mention that it is very difficult to reverse or repair this kind of damage. 

Luckily, the beauty industry has recently developed a way to inject protein into damaged hair and similar methods of recovery-related procedures are currently being implemented. 

According to a profound hair designer specialising in hair recovery, the recovery technique uses a profession device to add high-quality, special treatment and protein that closely resembles the lost nutrients in damaged hair to make your hair healthier and stronger. Above all, it has been proven that using this recovery technique to the repaired, healthier hair can in fact lead to longer-lasting and higher-maturity hairstyles. 

In addition, depending on the degree of damage, the recovery bleached, perm, burn,heat is carried out in a variety of customised procedures. Even if you think that your hair is far too damaged and think it is beyond reasonable repair, the customise recovery technique will adapt to your hair’s needs and will undoubtedly reverse and repair your damaged hair, helping you feel bold and confident about your hair all year round. 

Custom  Recovery System
The Modern Solution to 

 Extremely   Damaged Hair

Why Bother?   Because  

My Hair is  Precious!

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  • 구글 플레이 - 블랙 서클
  • 페이스 북 - 블랙 서클



I have an obsession. I absolutely love coloured hair. More precisely, I am addicted to coloured hair. I’ve had coloured hair for years. Blue, purple, red, ash, blonde. You name the colour, I’ve probably already tried it.  


The downside of my obsession with coloured hair is… well, my natural hair is black. Not only is it black, it’s also the very opposite to voluminous.  


Unfortunately, the only way I am going to achieve nice vibrant hair is through bleaching my dark hair multiple times. But after all the bleaching, I thought I could never have the voluminous hair I desire. It was only natural for me to assume that I wouldn’t be able to perm my bleached hair without doing further damage to my hair. I thought it was a necessary evil I just had to deal with. 


To my surprise, I was wrong. When I consulted my super talented hairstylist, Alex Pak, about the two evils I was faced with, he introduced me to a new perm technology called “custom recovery perm system.” Through this modern solution, it meant that despite all the bleaching, I could still get a perm without causing any further damage to my hair!  


As soon as I heard about this new perm technique, I went and got my hair permed. I am so glad I did because my hair has never felt this healthy and strong. It’s as if the recovery perm somehow reversed all the previous damage I had done through years of colouring my hair.  


Being grateful would be an understatement. Because of this new perm technique Alex has introduced me to, I can now have both vibrant and voluminous hair without having to worry about doing extensive damage to my hair. Thanks to Alex, I can fulfil my obsession without having to worry about my hair being brittle and falling out. For anyone who loves colouring their hair as much as me, the custom recovery perm system is your ultimate answer. As crazy as it sounds, perming your damaged hair will actually make your hair healthier and stronger. Trust me, it is worth every cent.


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