SELIÀR LUXURY SHAMPOO 350ml $30, MASK 350ml $30


“When dehydrated hair appears dry, dull and lifeless, their essential needs is to receive an intense and instant HYDRATION and an extraordinary BRIGHTNESS” 

For this reason Echosline presents Seliàr Luxury, an innovative professional SYSTEM able to totally regenerate dry, dull and dehydrated hair, leaving it shiny, silky and full of life.


“It is then - a triptyque that donate matchless vitality, exceptional smoothness and shimmering reflections.”


The strong point of this line is the EXTRA-GLOSS TECHNOLOGY, developed thanks to a multi-vitamin complex of 5 vitamins, chosen from the most important for the hair fiber, and a Blend of plant oils to nourish and regenerate the hair, restoring softness and shine.


  • Luxury Shampoo that hydrates the hair fiber and nourishes it in depth with an extraordinary shine


    Luxury Mask, a concentrated and instant action, that in only 1 minute of application visibly transforms the hair and brings 15 matchless benefits