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No Yellow Shampoo 350ml $30

Fanola No Yellow is ideal for grey, super-lightened or decoloured hair. Its strong violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow, light blonde or streaked hair.


No Yellow Mask 350ml $30

No Yellow Mask is formulated with a special violet pigment that neutralises undesired yellow reflections. Leaves hair soft, shiny and silky. The action of the violet pigment is not invasive but rather it has very high cosmetic action without any side effects, even if the shampoo is frequently used. Its acid pH seals the cuticle and creates protective violet film on the hair that reflects and rejects yellow reflection. It's perfect for conditioning action.


No Orange Shampoo 350ml $30

Suitable for colored hair with dark shades. Gently cleanses and neutralizes undesired copper/red reflections, leaving hair shiny and hydrated.


No Orange Mask 350ml $30

Deeply nourish and hydrate hair while neutralising copper and red tones.

Fanola No Orange Mask is the ideal deep conditioning treatment for coloured hair with dark shades. The rich, concentrated formula leaves the hair feeling soft and glossy, while neutralising unwanted orange, copper and red tones.

Fanola No Yellow & No Orange 350ml

  • After washing the hair with No Yellow Shampoo, apply to the lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse carefully.

  • Apply to wet hair,massage, leave on for 1-5 minutes, lather and rinse. Repeat the application.

    Do not apply to bleached or streaked hair. Does not stain the scalp.

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