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Keratin Smoothing Treatment at ilium saLon in Auckland

This treatment results in silky smooth hair which gradually fades out after a few months. A Keratin treatment is unlike the straightening/rebonding process. Your hair will neither be flattened out completely, devoid of any volume, nor will it make your roots grow in curly and your ends sleek. The ingredient Keratin is basically like a super strong deep conditioner.

The results of the treatment also vary from one person to another. It’s essentially rebuilding those parts of the hair which have been damaged. Shiny, less frizzy and easy to manage hair are some benefits you can expect post-treatment. Someone with extremely curly hair might end up with less curly and mildly straight ringlets. On the other hand, a person with wavy hair would end up with straight and polished hair. The effects of the treatment are going to be different for everyone so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the stick straight hair you were looking for. A keratin treatment is more about manageable, smooth, fuss-free hair with a salon worthy blow-dry look and less about stick straight, unnatural looking hair.

After the first keratin treatment, it feels good,

but after a few days the feeling goes away.

This does not mean that the keratin is completely gone, it only gets settled down.

After a few months the effect will die out.

if you are somebody who usually styles their hair straight, keratin treatment will help you reduce the time by 50% to 70%. Our store is customized to the customer's wish frizzy control, and the product composition is 50%, 60% and 70% as much as you want.

  • No health risk to the client or hairdresser with our free from Formaldehyde, Ammonia or nasty chemicals, ensuring no damage to the scalp or hair.

  • This advanced formula features fast application and processing time (45 to 60 minutes, total hour 2 hour ) with transformational results lasting up to 5 month. Achieve the perfect

  • The result is different depending on the curly hair that each person has. This product is a treatment. It is not a straight product. keep this in mind

95% natural ingredients like jajoba and coconut oil to reinforce the internal hair structure

Vegan Certified

How often do I need to repeat L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatment lasts between 3-5 months, depending on the texture of the hair. If the hair is very frizzy or curly hair it is recommended to repeat the treatment after 90 days, to achieve a better result. For longer lasting straightening results, we strongly recommend using L’Abrea Aftercare Shampoo and Conditioner - SLES free, to prolong results.

Can I colour, bleach or lighten hair on the same day that I apply Keratin Treatment?

Clients can colour their hair after the first wash, means 24 hours after their keratin treatment.

For any kind of bleach, we recommend to wait for 1 week.

Also colour and bleach at the same day with keratin treatment is possible. Although we recommend to not do that unless the options are limited.

For colouring and keratin treatment at the same day, first do the colour, but do that 1 shade darker and more cooler colour than the desired colour ( because keratin leaves a coloured hair lighter and warmer than what it was!) and then wash the tint with keratin shampoo and continue the process.

For bleach also first bleach the hair( using Plex is highly recommended) then do the keratin and then apply toner ( if possible after24 hours, if not follow the instruction on training videos). Please keep in mind to doing these processes together you have to be a very confidant hairdresser and understand how to monitor hair to avoid causing any damages.

What kind of flat iron should be used for straightening?

A straightening iron that can be heated up to 230°C is recommended. Try customised hot irons for the best result.

Most of Irons in the market can not hold their temperature stable, and they variance up to 30 degrees! This means by the time you are et the tip of the hair, your iron is only 150°C and also it takes them awhile to recover their temperature back to the right heat.

Iron has capacity to hold the its temperature stable with1 degree variance! and as soon as that happens , it automatically bounces the temperature back to the right degree.

Should I recommend any special products to maintain the hair after applying Keratin Treatment?

To achieve a longer lasting result from the treatment, we highly recommend that you use the Aftercare Shampoo and Conditioner - both are SLES free. Most regular shampoos and conditioners contain salt, which opens the hair cuticles, leading to loss of keratin.

If hair has been chemically treated (coloured, straightened etc), can I use Keratin Treatment without damaging or breaking the hair?

Yes! Keratin Treatment actually rebuilds the keratin that is lost in hair during chemical treatments. Using Keratin Treatment will result in stronger and healthier hair.

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